Some of you might be interested in how ZemTV record live television programs in high definition format. We all have some kind of live TV source in our home like Cable, Dish tv, PTCL smart TV, DWN etc but none of these sources will allow you to record live TV which is really a shame. Only Dish TV(Indian service) allows you to record live TV on external USB drive but that recording is also encrypted which means you can only watch it on Dish TV receiver and cannot upload it to video sharing website. PTCL smart tv has rewind feature(only for 3 hours) but no record feature which is really surprising for me. So what if we want to start a website like ZemTV to record and upload video in HD format.

The Solution is Hauppauge HD PVR

So you need to buy Hauppauge HD PVR device which will cost you $160 but in return you will be able to record live tv in crisp HD format with just one click of a button. You an order it directly from official website or from AliExpress website and they will ship the device to you from DHL courier service. In this package you will get HD PVR 2 high definition H.264 personal video recorder with USB 2.0 support, a power supply unit, 9 feet USB cable, 2 meter HDMI cable, IR blaster, Component video cable and a software to record live TV. Please note that software only works with Windows version and if you want MAC version than you have to pay extra $35 for the software.

Hauppauge hd pvr record live tv in pakistan

Once you got the product the installation is very easy. Just plug the device with your source(i.e cable, dish etc) and than plug the USB cable with your laptop or computer. Now signal from your source will be converted inside HD PVR device and than shifted to your laptop or computer. Just install the software provided with the device and you will see the live TV via it’s main interface. Just hit the record button and recording will start instantly. This is how much easy it is and all you need is an external hard-drive so that you can record long videos.