If you want to make money with YouTube in Pakistan than all you need is one adsense account that can be linked for earning. YouTube Monetisation in Pakistan 2016 is not officially allowed but with the help of USA(or any other country) account you can monetize your videos. For YouTube adsense in Pakistan you first need to create some videos that will not only be unique but informative too so that they can approve your video for earning. Also you need to follow some steps before you can start YouTube partner program in Pakistan. All steps are mention below and only thing you will need is your time and dedication.

YouTube Monetisation in Pakistan in 2016

First of all create new Gmail ID (if you don’t have one) and verify your ID with Pakistani mobile number. Now create YouTube account and here also verify your account with Pakistani mobile number. After mobile number verification click on Channel on the right side of your screen and than click on Adanced. Now here you need to change the country from Pakistan to USA or UK etc than click on Save button at the bottom of the page.

Now again click on Channel link and than on Monetization link and Enable Monetisation link. Good news you are now eligible for YouTube earning but wait you need to still do some more steps.

Click on Channel -> Monetization and than on “How will I be paid?” link. Here click on associate an AdSense account link and you will see another page where either you have to sign-in(if you already have Adsense account) or Signup for new account. Here give all your real info and Pakistani home address and wait for approval email.

How to withdraw Money

You may be thinking that how on earth you will withdraw money from Youtube account. So answer to your question is Google Adsense account. After you will approve for account they will send PIN code on your home address after you earn $10. In Pakistan there are two methods which can be used to withdraw money Western Union and Bank Account.

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