In the beginning of 2012 Payza introduces its own PrePaid Debit Card for payment withdraws and after that they block almost every other option of money withdrawal. Check and Credit Cards are no more working and the only option left is Bank Wire withdrawal for Pakistanis which obviously require that your account must be verified. And when you try to verify your account again Check and Credit Card option is not working. So in order to withdraw money from your account you either have to verify your account by Depositing money from your local bank account to your account or via ordering Payza PrePaid Debit Card in Pakistan.

payza PrePaid Debit Card

1. Verify your Payza Account in Pakistan.

The first option available in order to verify your Payza account in Pakistan is via Depositing money from your local bank account to your account. In order to Deposit money into your Account login into your account and click on Deposit Money tab. After that enter the amount you want to deposit and Click on Next button. They will ask for Confirmation and than on next payment it will display the Bank Name, Address, SWIFT Code, Routing/ABA Number and Account Number need to do this transaction.

The charges for this transaction is $20 and your money will be deposited in 2 to 4 business days. After that your account will be verified and now you can withdraw money into your local bank account via Bank Wire(fee $15 per transaction).

2. Verify via your Nadra ID card and Utility Bill Copy

This option is much more easier and free but you need some authentic documents like your Nadra ID copy as well as Utility bill copy with same name and address. After scanning your documents just upload them via Payza Support Page than click on My Account Support and click Account Verification Inquiries. They will verify your account within two to four business days.

3. Withdraw Money via Payza PrePaid Debit Card in Pakistan.

If you don’t want to verify your account than you have another option to withdraw funds and that is via Payza PrePaid Debit Card which any one can get by simply proving ID card and Utility Bill scan copy to them. Fee for this card is $20(one time) and it will let your withdraw funds easily from any ATM machine.

In order to obtain the PrePaid Debit Card login into your account and click on the link Order the card. If the link is not visible than you need more transactions in your account so that they will consider you as well. Also make sure that your account has $20 in it before doing this process.

Now they will show you two options USD PrePaid Debit Card and CAD PrePaid Debit Card. Just click on “Select USD PrePaid Card” and it will take you to the next page.

You need two proof documents in order to get the card. One is your Nadra ID Card and other is Utility bill copy need to verify your home address. Make sure you scan the Back side of the ID card. Enter the ID card number in the Photo Id box and select Government Issue ID from the drop box. Just scan these two documents, upload them via browse button and click on next Step button.

Next screen will ask you to verify your shipping address. Make sure the address mention here is the same on your utility bill other wise correct it here and click next Step button.

As I said earlier you need 20 dollars in your account for this transaction. They will now deduct money from your account and you have to enter PIN code as well.

Click on Complete button and you are done. Your card will be shipped after your documents are verified so please be patient. Card can take 35 to 60 days to arrive in Pakistan.