Windows 8 is getting more and more popular day by day due to its unique design and ability to run on touch devices as well. The main focus is obviously the metro style front screen with lots of apps running live in the shape of tiles. In Windows 8 the big thing missing was start button and menu but thanks to Microsoft they provided the start button in Windows 8.1 version. But if you are one of those who don’t want to update/change your previous operating system like Windows Vista or 7 but want to have the Windows 8 style app launcher than there is a free solution for you.


WinLaunch is a free tool which will convert your Windows Vista or 7 Desktop into Windows 8 like app launcher so that you can enjoy the taste of both world’s. You cannot install Windows 8 apps in previous version so you have to place the shortcuts of different programs you are using in your computer like Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Mozilla Firefox, FileZila, Google Drive etc.

After downloading and installing WinLaunch you don’t need to find the program in complex Windows Menu and your favorite program is just one click away from you. In order to dock your favorite programs all you need to do is to Press “F” key on your keyboard and drag the icon of the program you want to place. You can any time group your favorite programs like all music related shortcuts into one group etc.
windows 8 metro style desktop screen