PTCL introduced EVO 3G USB devices some years ago and it attract many customers in Pakistan due to it’s speed and portability. Also you don’t need any extra power source for it. Just plug in it with your computer, laptop or even 3G router and start using internet without any hassle. But the biggest problem with this device was that you cannot share internet with any body else or even on your own other devices which is a big draw back.

Thankfully PTCL introduced EVO Wingle 3G which allows you to share your internet on other devices like tablets, smartphones and laptops etc. Mostly people now a days uses internet on mobile and this is where the trick part comes. You cannot connect PTCL EVO Wingle 3G directly to your smartphone which means if you are outside from your home or away from any power source than you cannot connect to internet.

Use Portable Power Bank

Portable power or battery bank is a new concept which is growing attention day by day due to it’s unique features. First of all it can be used to charge your devices like smartphones, tablets etc but the biggest feature is to give power to your PTCL EVO Wingle 3G. Yes you can simply plug the device into USB port of this power bank and instantly start using internet on the go any where thought out Pakistan. Whether you are in the deserts of Ther or in the north frontier mountain range you will be able to access internet easily without any hassle.

Buy 5600 mAh Portable Power Bank from in just Rs.999/- only.

portable power bank

Buy 12000 mAh Portable Battery Bank from in just Rs.3,800/- only.

ptcl evo power battery bank

Buy Pocket-Sized USB Power Pack from in just $14.99 only.

portable battery bank

Don’t want to connect your EVO Wingle with your laptop or computer than don’t worry we have the solution for this problem as well. Just plug in EVO Wingle into the USB power plug(available in the market) and plug it into power socket like the one you see in the picture below.

ptcl evo wingle 3g plug switch socket