Cricket season is on and people are excited about ICC T20 World cup 2014 held in Bangladesh. But the biggest problem in our country is load shedding of electricity which can break the momentum of match. It’s very unfortunate that in 21st century we are depended on Wapda and if they want to cut off our electricity than nobody in this world can stop them. So if you are a big fan of cricket and want to see matches uninterrupted than you have to invest some money.

Things you need

  • LED TV
  • Digital Wireless Cable or Satellite TV
  • 1000VA UPS

First start with LED TV as your UPS will not play traditional picture cube TV (unless it’s a real heavy one). LED TV is best when it comes to running on batteries because it consumes very less electricity as compare to LCD and older models. Also you need to buy 32 inch model as it will show you the best picture quality available in the market right now. Don’t go for bigger screen sizes as you will waste your money. You can buy SONY LED TV in just Rupees 38,500/- only.

sony led tv 32 inch pakistan

Now comes the second most important part and that is your own source of cable because when will electricity go down in your area your cable will also go down so you need Digital Wireless Cable or Satellite TV. For this you have various options like DWN wireless network cable, PTCL Smart TV, Dish TV etc. The price range from 5000 to 12000 rupees for Set Top Box. The good thing about these boxes is that you can run it with very low electricity like from your UPS etc.

digital wireless network pakistan

Last but not least at least 1000VA UPS so that you can enjoy watching live HD steaming of ICC T20 World cup 2014 held in Bangladesh. You may not need to purchase this item as most of the houses in Pakistan have this item for sure. Any how if you want to buy a new one than first read my UPS buying guide for india pakistan. I would recommend you Homage 1000va inverter which you can buy in just rupees 10,500/- only.

homage inverters pakistan

So that’s it with in the budget of rupees 60,000/- appropriately (38500 + 12000 + 10500) connect your LED TV, Set Top Box with your UPS and watch uninterrupted television so that you will never miss the happy moments of life again.