If you want to watch Indian channels in Pakistan for free than there is a method for you which is also called card sharing. We know that PEMRA banned all India content inducing channels and movies in Pakistan but card sharing method is still working because it is being operated from China. Since all servers are located outside PEMRA’s premises so they cannot ban this service although it’s still illegal. Another benefit in this method is that unlike normal DISH TV service all channels will be open and all you need to pay is just Rs.100/- per month which is nearly free. Also quality will be much better than traditional cable and you can record live TV if you want via USB.

Things you Need

As I mention above that monthly charges are rupees 100/- per month but you need to pay initial cost of the setup. Initial cost is minimum 3000/- rupees which is still very low compare to other set top box providers in Pakistan.

1. Two Feet Dish (Price: 600/-)
2. Universal LNB for Dish TV (Price: 400/-)
3. Wi-Fi Enabled Set Top Box Echolink hd, Neosat hd, Star Track etc (Price: 1600/-)
4. USB Wi-Fi Adapter for Internet Connectivity (Price: 400/-)
5. 60 Feet Satellite Cable (Price: 300/-)
6. Setup Fitting and Installation Charges (Price: 700/-)

Total Cost: 3,000/-(All above mention prices are whole sale prices. Prices may differ depending upon the location and market)

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Installation Procedure

If you are familiar with DISH TV process than basic setup is just like same. You can pay rupees 700 to any cable man in your area and he will do the job for you. But if you are interested in doing the job for yourself than you need to buy the Satellite finder device in order to setup the DISH. Once you find the Satellite NSS 6 at 95.0°E fix the dish permanently and tight the LNB so that it cannot move. Now connect the cable with LNB and make sure that there are no joints in the cable otherwise it will work(very important).

Set Top Box Installation

Plugin the Satellite Cable into your China Receiver and HDMI cable into your LED TV. Now plugin the USB Wi-Fi Adapter into the empty port of your receiver and connect it you your home wireless network. Make sure that signals are good in this area otherwise it will create problems. It’s better to have your home Wi-Fi router and TV in the same room.

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Scan for Channels

It’s time to scan all channels with Satellite parameters of Dish TV India on NSS 6 at 95.0°E. If some of the channels are missing then you need to make sure that Colors TV Channel is working fine. If this channel is working fine than your receiver will catch all other channels.

Configure Set Top Box for Cline

After full scanning you will notice that only free channels are working and paid one’s will show Scramble Channel error message. This is because we have not added a Cline server yet into our system. For this you need to access the Menu in your China Receiver and than visit settings page. Here you should see the option of Access Control(if it’s hidden you need to press the special code which comes with your receiver) just click on Cccam client configuration menu here and add new entry.

cccam cline cardsharing in pakistan

Buy CCcam (C-Line) in Just 100 Rupees Per Month

Now add the provided server information like Server IP address, Username and Password, port and DNS info. After entering all the info make sure to select the Auto Link check box so that it will connect to the server every time you turn on the TV and receiver. Now click on connect button and it should make connection to the server within few seconds. If not make sure your internet connection is working fine and your service provide server is also up. That’s it with the investment of only three thousand rupees you will be able to unlock all Indian Channels including all sports channels.