Summer season is on and every body should be ready to face 8 to 10 hours load shedding in Pakistan. If you have a desktop computer than it’s a bad news for you but if you are lucky enough and have laptop than you don’t need to worry. But if you are one of those who likes to work on desktop computer with heavy graphics card and fast hardware than you should read my UPS guide for Pakistan in which I tell you how to choose a good UPS for you. But there is an another solution which can solve all your problems.

Viper All in One PC with UPS

All in One PC getting popular day by day due to their less size but at the same time no compromise on performance. CPU and Monitor are built into one chassis and latest All in Ono’s have also touch screen which makes them even more demanding. But still it lacks the backup power like laptops have but fortunately Viper technologies from Pakistan have solved this problem as well.

Viper All in One PC is designed in a way that you will feel that you are using laptop but with the benefits of a fast desktop computer. It’s built in UPS makes sure that you will work continuously even light goes on or off for 45 minutes. Like laptop it will have a webcam, Speaker and mic which makes it perfect machine for everyone. Comes with latest 3rd generation Intel Core-i processors and DDR3 ram it will perform almost 95% of your daily tasks easily.

viper all in one computer pakistan