YouTube is blocked in Pakistan for many months now and it looks like that Government has not taken any step to unblock it a recent future. Lots of people email me that they are enable to unblock YouTube in Pakistan which really surprise me because in this era of technology nothing is impossible. One can very easily unblock YouTube with the help of third party software’s like HotSpot Shield, Ultra Surf or OkayFreedom VPN Premium. But if you don’t like to install these software than you can also Unblock YouTube in Pakistan without any Software.

How to Unblock YouTube in Pakistan without any Software

This trick is specially for PTCL but you can also try this on other ISP networks. Just follow the simple steps below.

1. Just go to your network connection properties and double click on internet protocol (TCP/IP) and add/change your primary DNS to Google DNS( and secondary DNS to ( After that click OK button to save the settings.

2. Now you have to open the secure connection of YouTube with https. Open it will take a time to open in first time so have some patience, then in order to use YouTube fully , you need to login into your Gmail account associated with YouTube.

3. Login to your YouTube account and then start watching videos , it should work fine and you can download videos too using Internet Download manager.

4. So this is the method which works for me on both PTCL and Wi-tribe so lets see that if it works for you or not. Please tell me about your result via comments below.

Other Trick Working on all ISP

If some how above mention trick is not working for you than don’t worry because we have another trick for you which will work surly on all internet sever providers but for this you have to download and install the Tor browser.

1. Visit the Tor browser from the link mention below.

Download Tor Browser

2. After downloading the file just double click on it and extract it on your desktop.

3. Now go to the new folder open it and find “Tor Browser” folder and just click on file Start Tor Browser.

4. It will start configuring your network connection and display the status at the end of execution.

5. It will open your default browser showing that execution is OK and now you can run YouTube without any problem.