Hostgator the ultimate web-hosting company trusted by more than 8,000,000 domain owners and also is the most favorite for almost all WordPress bloggers due to its servers speed, maximum up time, excellent customer support and reliability. The thing which is at the top of your priority list in choosing any web host is the reliability and the features is provides to you. Its fact that almost all bloggers start with cheap hosting due to the fact that initially they don’t have enough money to buy premium hosting packages. So my suggestion for you those who have not enough money is to start blogger blog initially and than after some time transfer this blog to WordPress.

About Hostgator Web Hosting

Back in 2002 when the company starts its journey at that time the competition was not that tough and also the possibility of getting hacked was very low. But soon after that we saw a boom in this industry and lots of hosting sites emerge. Suddenly the competition starts and at that time Hostgator take the initiative and they promise the world to provide high quality hosting at very affordable rates.

Apart from Godaddy domain Coupon codes Hostgator is mainly popular for its high quality cPanel functionality and cheap coupon codes. The most famous package of Hostgator is Hatchling shared hosting package which you can buy in just $3.96 per month by applying 25% discount coupon code mention below.

25% Discount Coupon Code: emoneyblogger

Shared hosting plan is basically for blogs and small business websites which have not high end traffic. Although quite a big blogs are using this package due to the quality service and servers but still if you want some thing extra for your needs than three are some other packages as well to choose from.

Hostgator Packages

Hatchling Plan – As the names suggests its the very basic or initial plan which is recommended for blogs and small business enterprises. You can only attach one domain to this package and if you want o add more than you have to buy other package. You will be provided unlimited disk space and bandwidth which means no boundaries. This is the freedom we like and that’s why our blog is also hosted on Hostgator. You can also buy shared SSL certificate in this package with monthly plan starts with just $7.16 dollars.

Baby Plan – My favorite plan because you can add as many blogs as you want in this package which means you can host unlimited websites in just one plan. This is very suitable to bloggers who plan to have more blogs as time goes on and it will not hurt your budget at all. All you need to do is you buy domain name and attach it to you hosting plan via Addon domain. The only problem i see in this package is that they will only provide one IP address for all your blogs. All other features are same as Hatchling Plan and you can buy its monthly plan in just $7.96 dollars.

Business Plan – As the name suggests its for business oriented websites and high traffic blogs. It has all the features of baby plan plus you will be provided Free Private SSL & IP address as well as Toll Free Number. All these features are very necessary for business oriented blogs and websites. The monthly plan of this package starts from only $11.96 dollars but as always you can apply a 25% discount coupon on it.

Other services provided by Hostgator

Apart from basic hosting packages mention above they also provide premium services like Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Servers etc. With fully managed dedicated servers, complete control with root access and dedicated hardware without resource restrictions its the best hosting company we have on earth.

Reseller Hosting – If you want to start your own webhosting company than this package is perfect for you. With just only $24.95 dollars per month you can start your own hosting website and make money by selling different packages at higher rate. You will get Disk space from 50GB to 200 GB and bandwidth from 500 GB to 1400 GB. Unlimited domains, sub-domains, email accounts, MySQL Databases, FREE Site Builder Software, FREE Billing Systems, 4,500 Free Website Templates and PRIVATE Name Servers.

VPS Hosting – Initially when you start a blog or website shared hosting if perfect option for you but when your site’s traffic increases you have to move your site to VPS hosting for better performance. Mainly when your blog got more than 10,000 unique visitors per month than you will need this package. The difference between shared and VPS hosting is that in this plan you will get dedicated server CPU, RAM, Disk space and bandwidth. With just $19.95 dollars per month you can transfer your blog from shared to VPS which is the biggest decision in your blogging life.

Dedicated Servers – If you are really serious about starting your own webhosting company than buy dedicated server from Hostgator. Yes you read it your own dedicated server. With Intel Xeon 3360* (Quad Core) processors, 2 GB DDR3 Memory, 2 x 250 GB Hard Drive, 10 TB Bandwidth, 5 Dedicated IPs and FREE cPanel.

How to buy Unlimited Hostgator Webhsoting in just 0.01 Dollars

Now i am going to tell you the secret to buy Unlimited Hostgator Web-hosting in just 0.01 Dollars for a full one month. This is special package provided by them so that users can try this hosting for almost nothing before they decide to buy full package. Of course all packages comes with 45 day money back guarantee so that if some how you are not satisfied with the service than you can cancel your order and they will return your money without answering a single question.

Go to main website of Hostgator and click on the package which you want to choose. Mainly shared hosting is the first choice of starters so for this click on View Web hosting Plans button.

hostgator packages

You will see three main packages just click on Order Now button below any package and you will see another page with domain name option.

hostgator packages

Now enter the domain name you want to register(note that they will charge extra $15 for this). In some cases you may have domain name already registered so only enter this in the second box of the page. Don’t click on Continue button yet because we have to enter coupon code in the below field.

Enter Hostgator Voucher emoneyblogger10 in the Coupon Code field at the end of the page and click continue button.

hostgator coupon code

On next page select Hatchling or Baby plan from the menu and select one month Billing Cycle. Enter all the necessary details required by them, Choose PayPal or Credit card for the payment system.

hostgator hatchling plan

At the end of the page you will see that amazingly the payment you have to pay is only 0.01 dollar for first month. Just continue your transaction and get almost free first month hosting.

hostgator voucher