How many times you need to transfer data from one computer to another or from computer to smartphone and ending up with no solution. Well Windows allows you to transfer data between computers via WordGroup or peer to peer connection. But the problem is that it requires the same operating system and wires which means you have to setup a complex setup otherwise you will waste your time. Also Windows don’t allow you to send data to your smartphone which is really surprising in this modern era.

Install AnySend

AnySend is an amazing software available not only for Windows but also for Mac, Andriod and IOS platform which makes it really powerful application. The only thing you need to do is to visit the AnySend official website and download the free app on all the computers and devices where you want to transfer data.


After software installation run the program from Windows main menu and it will constantly run in your system memory. When ever you need to transfer file just copy that file or folder and select the computer or device from the AnySend menu by clicking on it’s icon in the system tray. It will instantly start the transfer process and you can enjoy your work while it will do it’s work.

Download AnySend app for Mac

Download AnySend app for Android