You may have already seen the many astonishing inventions of 21st century like smartphones and talking robots but some times some small basic improvements in your life can cause huge impact. Like if you want to control lights in your home with smartphone than it’s not a dream any more. Also with the help of internet you can control it from any where in the world which makes it even more interesting. In summer season when heat is on and you want to switch on your Air Conditioner before you even enter your house is not a dream any more.

Orient EconoTech Series

The solution to control your AC wirelessly is Orient EconoTech Series which comes with built in Wi-Fi. It can connect to your home Wi-Fi router and access the internet which means you are just one app away from controlling it. Just install the app from Google Play store or from Apple iTunes store and you can switch on or off your AC without even from your home.

If you don’t have any Wi-Fi router in your home and you want to access the AC directly than don’t worry you can easily access it via Orient Direct option. Not only you will get this amazing feature in this model but it will also consume very less electricity as low as 80 watts. It uses the DC inverter technology which enables this AC to run even on low capacity generator.

Price of EconoTech 1 Ton AC: Rs. 40,588
Price of EconoTech 1.5 Ton AC: Rs.51,400
Price of EconoTech 2 Ton AC: Rs.72,564

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