Over the years we saw that UPS solved our load shedding problem by quickly changing the main power supply to it’s own battery power supply. This way when lights goes off we cannot see any power failure which is a good thing specially for our appliances. But like all other thing UPS has a very limited functionality and you cannot run heavy electronics on it like Dry Iron, Refrigerator, Air Conditioner, washing machine etc. For this you need generator which can solve most of your problems. But again the biggest problem with generator is that it cannot start or stop itself and you need to perform this duty each and every time which is real headache.

The Solution is Power Drive

Power Drive ATS(Automatic Transfer Switch) has solved this great problem and now you don’t have to start your generator at mid night when light goes off. All you need to do is to attach this panel with your generator and you are done. It will automatically start or stop the generator when lights goes off and on. This is very simple yet most effective technology available in Pakistan right now by Tri Riser group.

Power Drive Automatic Transfer Switch

According to PowerATS official Facebook Page this device don’t use Rely and they have their own technology which is secret for public. The device uses high quality motor same used on microwave owns and it can bear any temperature given to it.¬†This is what’s inside power drive.

inside power drive

Unfortunately at this point of time they have no website where you can get pricing and models information but if you are interested enough than please call at this number +9203456003715 (All over Pakistan) and their support person will book your order online. They will also install the device for you if you are within their support city.

motor used in power drive