With out mouse and keyboard computer is useless, that’s why we see lot’s of improvements when it comes to durability and advancement. First we used to have wired peripherals and than wireless but now we are all fed-up from these things and wanted to have some thing different. We all have smartphone in our hands so why not take advantage of it and use ti with our computer. Well this is possible now and no matter which smartphone you are using (Apple iOS or Google Android) you can connect it with your laptop or computer having Bluetooth or wireless network card.

For Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod

For this to work you need to install the Logitech Touch Mouse Server software on your computer and Logitech Touch Mouse iOS App on your Apple device. Please note that server application is only available for Windows 7 but for both 32 bit and 64 bit versions. After installing the software you need to connect them via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This program is also available for Apple Macintosh.

apple wireless mouse app in urdu

For Google Android

Fortunately same app is available for Android devices as well and the process is almost the same. You need to download and install gPad client Server on your computer and gPad client app on your Android device. Pair the devices with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and if it asks for your computer ip address simply type it and see the magic.

touch mouse app for android in urdu