Load Shedding season is on and without UPS one cannot survive in Pakistan. UPS contains two basic elements charging station and battery. If you have brought the charging station from a reputable company than it should serve you at-least five years without any problem. If you don’t know from where you can buy good quality UPS than please read my article of UPS/Inverter Buying Guide for India and Pakistan.

Now the another big problem we all face is the dead battery problem and normally this happens after two years of its usage. Unfortunately not many people know that actually your battery is not totally dead and with the help of little trick you can easily bring life in it and use it for another two years with full capacity. Guru’s from all around he world do this trick from many years and if you apply it with proper method than we will be also successful.

micro tech ups pakistan

Things you need

  • Epsom Salt(Magnesium Sulphate, can be brought from any medical store)
  • Distilled water(Teezab)

First of all close your UPS and open it’s all wires so that you can separate the battery from charging station. Now open the caps of all the battery cells and remove some of the water from it so that we can add some mixture into it.

battery caps open

Now take two cups of Epsom Salt and mix it into two cups of distilled water. In order to mix it well you need to heat it up and after that it will form a solution of MgSO4/H2O. Now you need to add this mixture into each cell equally and after that close all the caps tightly.

epsom salt

This is all you need to do to bring life into your dead UPS battery but result will not come in one day. Start charging the battery immediately and it will get to it’s full capacity after one week. So after one week you will see that your battery is giving it’s full potential and you can enjoy uninterpreted power supply for another two years.

charging laptop on ups in pakistan

So if you are fed up from electrify failure in your area and wanted to charge your devices(laptop, smartphone, tablet etc) on UPS/inverter than I just wrote another article on how to charge Laptop on UPS/Inverter without damaging it’s battery. I hope you will like it also.