After using PTCL Smart TV for one year I had to disconnect it due to it’s low quality and slow speed. Although it’s a good service with rewind option(not for all channels) which is really good for people who are very busy and watch to catch the program when they are free. But still this service needs to improve and match it’s competitors like all channels are in 360p quality(yes not even 480p) where as other dish providers are now moving towards full HD channels. Also you cannot rewind channel more than 3 hours which means if you want to catch up program which was telecast in the morning than you have no option. These little things are very annoying specially when you are paying 700 rupees(450 + 250 line rent of device) per month for this low quality. It’s better to install you own free Dish or opt for Dish TV Indian service(specially for HD channels).

PTCL Smart TV Disconnection Procedure

It’s very amazing that ordering these services from PTCL is very easy but when you want to disconnect you have to face complicated procedure. First of all you need few requirements before you can move forward and all things are mention below.

  1. An application of Disconnection
  2. Photocopy of last paid bill of PTCL
  3. Your ID card Photocopy
  4. Smart TV Device with all Accessories & Box

In application you need to provide the reason of disconnection and few more things like your landline phone number, Nadra ID card number, your home address etc. After that you have all these things it’s time for you to find the nearest PTCL exchange where you can submit these things. Yes you have to visit the exchange unlike when you order a person from PTCL install device at your home.

When you find exchange it’s time to visit and submit all requirements and soon they will delete your Smart TV account from your landline number. You will not receive any SMS or verification after disconnection but you can any time check for Line Rate – Downstream (Kbps) in your router. If it’s still 4095 than it’s mean your connection is not disabled otherwise you have done it successfully.