I remember those days when Wi-Fi was first introduced and we were able to connect laptop with internet router without any wires. At that time very few people were using this technology and hence we were able to surf internet like breeze. But as the time progresses our internet speed tends to slow and now we are facing many issues like YouTube video lag, slow browsing, slow downloading speed etc. It’s funny that now a days we are using high speed bandwidth internet confection compare to those days but still our internet speed is slow. Why this is happening to us and what is the solution to this problem.

Why My WiFi Speed is Slow

There are many reasons why your WiFi speed is slow and some of them of listed below.

1. You are using old equipment like 802.11 a/b/g router and Wi-Fi adapter.
2. Using same old 2.4 Ghz signal spectrum.
3. Your router has internal antenna.
4. Your router has only one antenna.
5. Router placement is not good
6. Many other electronics like 2.4 Ghz Cordless phone, Microwave Oven is interfering with it.
7. You and your neighbours as using the same Wi-Fi Channel.

How I Can Improve my Wi-Fi Speed

So if your answer to above mention questions is yes than you need to do following things.

Solution 1

The first and most obvious one is that you are using old equipment like 54Mbps 802.11 a/b/g router with 2.4 Ghz signal spectrum. Now the problem is that although it’s saying that it will provide 54Mbps but in practical life it’s not the case. Also when ever many users try to connect with same router you have experienced very slow speed. This is because data is shared with all users and hence more slowness.

dual band router

The solution to this problem is buy a new router with at-least 300Mbps speed or go with latest technology routers like 802.11 ac with over 433 Mbps speed. Keep in mind that you also need to buy the 802.11 ac compatible Wi-Fi adapter which you will connect with your computer or laptop.

Solution 2

If you have decided to buy the new equipment like the one mention above than select the 5Ghz signal spectrum rather than old 2.4 Ghz because everyone in your neighborhood is using this frequency and if you are also using it than it will slow down your internet speed. All new 802.11 ac model routers have this functionality so take advantage of it.


Solution 3

Many PTCL router we use in Pakistan have internal antenna which is really cruel thing because it really kills the speed. Try to buy new router with long range external antenna.


Solution 4

If your router has only one antenna than just buy a 100 rupees T from any electronics shop and attach two external antennas with your router. This will double the range of your router.


Solution 5

Place your router as high as possible and in the middle of the room. Try to avoid obstacles and always bend the antennas in opposite direction for better connectivity.

Solution 6

Don’t put router near 2.4 Ghz Cordless phone, Microwave Oven or any other electronics.

Solution 7

Last but not least change the Wi-Fi channel of your router. For this download free application inSSIDer and install it. It will than show you all the internet connection available in your area and what channels they are using.


Make sure that you change your PTCL router channel to something which is empty or using by very few devices.


WiFi Speed is SlowWiFi Speed is SlowWiFi Speed is SlowWiFi Speed is Slow