Payza is a Scam or Not is the biggest questions asked by the people in forums and every where on internet. It is the biggest online payment processing option for third world countries specially like Pakistan and Bangladesh where PayPal is not available. Although one can also get verified Paypal account in Pakistan easily but its not legal.One of the biggest advantage of using it is that it accepts almost each and every country and this gives you the power to interact with customers and receive payments from them. But last year when Payza disabled credit card payments due to some banking issues no one can thought that after one year this payment processor will reach to become another scam on internet.

payza is a Scam or not

About Payza

Payza(formally known as Alertpay) is the leading global online payment solution that specializes in e-commerce processing and has been in this business since 2005. Unlike Paypal they offer services in almost every country of this world including the third world countries which makes this site ideal for these countries. It uses e-wallet payment system which is very easy to use and you can send and receive payments in many ways like localized bank transfers, global bank wires, credit/debit card, checks, prepaid cards etc.

You can reach the whole world with Payza’s more than 8 million customers all over the globe. With operational in more than 197 countries you are just a free signup away from starting your online business today. If your region’s currency is different than don’t worry because it offer transactions in 22 currencies so that you can meet the demands of your customers. More than 75,000 merchants uses this payment system on their websites which means you can shop online with ease.

Situation Critical:

Last year on April 13, 2011 Payza disabled Credit card withdraws and verification system via Code due to some banking issues. Also its very difficult to deposit money into their Account. At that time people thought that this is a temporary problem and soon will become enabled but on June 3, 2011 they also disabled Check withdraws for all countries which surprise all of us. Now this surly was a great set back as Credit Card may not be used by everyone but Checks are the main source to withdraw money from your account and if its not available for you than you have very limited options left.

This situation gets even worst when they disabled Master & Visa card payment option on October 6, 2011 without any notification. At that time people seriously start thinking that soon Payza will going to scam and they starting withdraw money as soon as possible from their accounts. This quick money withdrawal makes the situation even more critical for them as they were already struggling with banking issues.

Every-time they disabled any payment withdrawal option they say that soon they will enable this feature as this is only temporary issue but its going to be a full year now and they haven’t enable any disabled feature yet which is going to make this situation very serious. Although you can still withdraw your money from Payza Prepaid Visa Debit Card but many people are also starting to complaint about this card too. Many visitors of my blog are complaining that they are not receiving their Payza debit card in Pakistan even after 60 days and Customer support is also not responding to their emails which is very alarming for all of us.

Payza Referral program.

With all my experience i can tell you one thing that if some site is going to be scam soon than it will stop its referral program first. We all know that Payza pays $5 for each and every Pro referral which transact more than $250 in his or her account you refer to them. So at the time of writing this article they are still paying referral amount and i recently got payment from them which is another indicator than they are willing to pay you and wants to work with you.

payza debit card

So Payza is a Scam or Not:

After reading all above material one can easily starting to assume that Payza is a big scam company but i personally feel that it will never be a scam. Yes they are facing huge banking issues and no one knows when they resolve these problems but it is a registered company in Canada and owned by Firoz and Ferhan Patel of India. Its a huge website and its not even possible to run by few individuals or scammers.

There is a whole lot of team members involved in this company and they have offices all over the world. They are operating since 2005 and i personally have never ever face any problem what so ever with them. But yes now they have very limited payment withdrawal options so if you are not easy with their payment withdrawal options you might have to switch to another online payment processing merchant like MoneyBookers or Payoneer PrePaid Mastercard etc. So scam Payza are two different words and will never to together.

Benefits of using Payza:

  • You can instantly pay funds to anyone in the world without exposing your credit/debit card, bank information or even personal information to them.
  • Your account and transaction is fully secured with full 128 bit SSL certificate which is the ultimate security system available in the world right now.
  • Unlike other online payment processing systems sending and receiving money is totally free(only in basic account) which means you are just a free signup away from sending your first payment online.
  • With Payza Prepaid Visa Debit Card you have now the ability to shop online or withdraw your money from any ATM machine any where in the world.
  • You even don’t need to verify your account, just open free account and apply for Visa prepaid debit card online with the help of your ID card and utility bill copy and receive it at your door step in just 25 days.
  • Card is available in just $20 dollars and after that you only have to pay $3 for ATM withdrawal fee which means that full work in very less charges.
  • If some one tries to cheat you than account a new ticket in your account and ask support to charge-back money from that fraud account.