Today we will learn an easy and free way to verify account PayPal in Pakistan so that you can receive payments from almost any merchant in the world. The way we will do this is via Payoneer prepaid master card which will be shipped at your door step free of cost. All you need to do is to apply for that card and verify your account with it.

1. First of all remove all your browser’s history and cache.

2. Never use any proxy what so ever. Login with your normal IP address.

3. Visit Payoneer-affiliates website in order to apply for Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard®. Just click on big Signup button to start with.

4. Now you will see lots of options like Personal Details, Account Information and Personal Verification buttons. Just click on that to fill all your valid information and check all the boxes at the end of the form.

payoneer master card 1

5. Congratulations your card will now be shipped at your door step in just 20 to 40 days(after account approval which takes 1 to 2 business days).

6. Now the most important thing is the special email which you will receive from Payoneer about you want to apply for US banking server or not.

7. You have to reply to this email with your necessary information like why you want to apply and your identity etc. Don’t worry you can provide any information here you want to start your own hosting server and give some unknown hosting provider website name.

8. Now its for wait because they will review your application and will answer you back within 2 to 3 business days. Don’t worry they accept almost 99% applications so your will also be accepted.

9. When you receive the email containing US Virtual Account number and Routing Number save the information because you need this information to verify your Paypal account.

payoneer card 2

10. Now its time to create account. Visit USA Paypal website by clicking here and click on signup button. You need to provide fake information here but don’t worry you can pick this information from Fake Name Generator.

11. After you create your account obviously they will ask you to verify it. Just click on verify with bank account option and provide the details you got from Payoneer email.

payoneer card screen

12. Now they will send you some little amount in your account like 0.07 or 0.15 etc and you need to put this information in your account in order to be fully verified. Enjoy your newly created account.

paypal account screenshot