Microsoft is very active now a days, after announcing the release date of Surface Tablet along with Windows 8 operating system  now they are releasing the all new personal email service MS Outlook. This means that soon Hotmail and Windows Live services will be gone but for the time being you can use it. Download MS office 2010 product key and activate your software for free. Hotmail that was once the giant in internet marketing companies and with over 300 million monthly users its time to say it Goodbye. According to the them is the new modern email service that will be the choice of next billion internet users. With so many other features like Friends Photos, Recent tweets and recent Facebook updates it a whole new world.

microsoft outlook

Hotmail is the first email service which was started back in 1996 and at that time its was the most premium and favorite email service in the world. People mainly use it for personal usage but soon after they start it using for business purposes too. In 2005 Google introduces its email service Gmail and at that time they offer 1GB free space which really change the world. Hotmail also took initiate and increase its inbox space for free users also.

But after that its being another 8 years and we haven’t see any big change in the features of email. Specially in order to tackle the spam which really kills the email industry and people started using social networks for business contacts too. So in order to bring the people back to the email service Microsoft or some other company have to put some thing extra ordinary so that people start using these services again.

Microsoft is the first company who took this initiate of revolutionizing the email industry and now they introduce the preview of Its a totally new service create from scratch and equipped with so many features and functionalities. You may already using outlook desktop client but its time to move on and use their web based service too.

Modern experience for modern browsers and devices

Gone are the days when we happen to use email on your big and bulky computers, its 21st century and now more than 20 percent people are using mail via smartphones. So if your email client is not support on gadgets than you are losing quite a handful of audience. Also in future after seeing the popularity of Tablets its estimated that more than 40 percent people will use email via gadgets which is really a big figure.

Connected to friends and co-workers

It has bend seen on internet that over the last few years people tend to move from email services to social network websites due to the email address offered by them. You can now create email account on Facebook too which means no space for other services. But thanks to the latest feature of Outlook which has Skype functionality built-in into it so that you can interact with your clients directly and easily.

Smart and powerful

No need to find important email within all your emails because Outlook will sort the emails nicely in categories like contacts, newsletters, shipping updates, and social updates. With the addition of Office Web Apps – Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote its the service that will surly won your hearts.