Face Recognition feature was introduced in computers few years back but still it operating system companies have not yet adapted this technology for login purposes. At this point of time you can login into your Windows or Mac computer by entering password or via USB containing the password. The problem with passwords is that any one can see your password while you type it and hackers can also hack it without your permission. So we all need some kind of new technology which is difficult to break.

KeyLemon – Face recognition software

KeyLemon is a free Face recognition software which can used to login in your computer. The best thing is that it works for both Windows and Apple platform. You can download KeyLemon software from official website for free. Make sure you download only the appropriate software according to your operating system.

Install the software with default settings and run the program from your windows main menu. Now it will automatically start your computer webcam and face model creation process will begin. You need to make sure that your face is straight, still to your webcam and light in your room is good. Wait until the green tick is appear which means that face model capture process has done successfully.

In the next step it will verify the face model and again you have to lineup with your webcam so that it can verify your identity. Upon successful verification give your profile a name and set the password so that you can login with double features.

Now log-off from your system and lineup your face straight to your webcam to see if it works for you.