Today I will review both LED and Plasma TV technologies is order to make sure that which one is best for watching cricket world cup. Let me clear you one thing that LCD and LED technologies are same and the only difference is backlight(edge and direct) so I will use LED in my whole article. Talking about myths and first myth about Plasma TV is that it’s very old technology so we should go for newer and better LED technology which is obviously not true. Yes LED’s are lighter, consumes less energy but they are not good when it comes to producing dark blacks and motion blur. On the other hand Plasma TV’s are less expensive, produces image quality like CRT monitor and have excellent frame rate to reduce motion blur.

You may have read my article on Sony LED TV problems before and you will notice that it’s not worth your money specially if you are buying cheap entry level products. Color saturation is all over the place and watching cricket matches or live action is nearly impossible. Some of you might say that we are watching live action on LED TV without any problem so let me clear you one thing that I am talking about HD content not SD channels like your normal cable etc. Another myth about Led’s is that you just need to buy HD television and attach normal cable with it in order to enjoy HD content which is totally wrong. You need to have HD channels as well in order to enjoy the full colors of this technology otherwise you are wasting your money.

Why Choose Plasma TV

Although you will not find Full HD Plasma TV(only high end models are) in the market but still HD ready(1280*720) resolution is more than enough for our needs. Specially with no or very few HD channels its a waste of money to buy high end Full HD televisions. Now come to the most important factor of Plasma and that is 600Hz Sub Field Driving in order to reduce or minimize motion blur. This is very important factor because watching fast action or playing games id very annoying on LED TV so Plasma wins here hands down. Third factor is the price tag and you can easily find 40 inches LG HD ready Plasma TV for $400(40,000 pak rupees) which is the price of 32 inches LED TV.

motion blur problem

Why LED’s are so Popular

Because Marketers promote this technology in order to earn more profit and they hide it’s limitations by advertising false statements. First lie they told you is that LED are different technology than LCD which is totally wrong. Both are same technologies and based on Liquid crystal display but the only difference is backlight which only reduces power consumption. You need to sit infront of your LED TV all the time because of it’s poor viewing angles. Backlight unevenness is another problem which prevents you seeing dark scene in low light. It can only have refresh rate of 60hz to 100hz which is really poor when comparing it to 600hz of Plasma.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of both technologies are mention below and you can decide on your own which one is best for you.

comparison between plasma and led tv

plasma vs led tv part 1 in urdu

plasma vs led tv part 2 in urdu

plasma vs led tv part 3 in urdu