Ever wanted to install Google Android operating system for mobiles on your computer so that you can enjoy free apps with having smartphone. With Remix OS it’s possible and good thing is that based on Android-x86 project so that you can run it on any computer supporting x86 chipset. This operating system is totally free and you can install it on external USB flash drive or hard drive which means it’s totally portable. You don’t have to create another partition in your drive, just download the package from the link mention below and install it on your USB drive. After installation you can plug it to any computer and start working instantly.

How to Install Remix OS on USB Drive

First of all you need to make sure that you have following things in your hands before get started.

1. At least 8GB USB 3.0 or higher Flash Drive(2.0 will not work)
2. USB 3 port in your computer or laptop(with blue color)

Make sure that you have USB 3.0 or higher flash drive with at-least writing speed of 20 MB/second. This is very necessary because your OS will run directly from USB drive so it need to be fast. Now download the package or torrent file from the links mention below.

Remix OS Torrent—|—Remix OS Zip File

Now that you have a zip file unzip it and you will find three files in it. Now plug the USB drive into blue USB port of your computer or laptop. Double click on USB tool available in the folder and select the iso file from the same folder. Select the USB drive from drop down menu and click OK button. Now you will see a dialog box indicating that your software is being installed. Wait for few minutes and than it will ask for reboot. Restart your computer and select boot computer from USB drive from your motherboard settings.


After boot it will ask you to save all sessions on drive or not. Select which ever you want and after that it will run the USB write test. If your drive is fast enough that it will continue otherwise it will give an error message. Now again wait for few minutes so that it can prepare the desktop for you fir the first time. After few minutes you will see welcome message with some user agreement. Click OK button and give password for your home Wi-Fi network. After that you will see the Google Android Lollipop interface which show that you have successfully installed the software.