How to Unblock YouTube in Pakistan Without any Software, Proxy, VPN, Google DNS or Hotspot shield. The latest 2014 method is so easy and effective that you can Open YouTube in Pakistan easily. You may have heard about site which is Pakistani based video hosting site and is growing very fast. But again this site is hosting videos on its own which means still you may not see million of other YouTube videos on it.

But the guys working behind this site are very amazing and they have introduced an amazing Google Chrome browser plugin which will allow you to Watch and Download YouTube videos without any proxy. Just install the little plugin from official website link mention below and browse YouTube normally.

Method 1

1. Go to your “Network and Sharing” folder via your Windows Control Panel.


2. Now click on “Setup a new Connection or Network” link as mention in the picture below.

setup vpn connection

3. Just click on “Connect to a Workplace” link located at the 4th number in the menu.

connect to VPN workplace

4. Select the first option “Use my internet connection VPN” and it will show you another dialog box.

connect to vpn connection

5. Enter the values mention below in the internet address and destination fields. You can choose from USA and UK settings.

vpn destination name


VPN Server  :
VPN Username: mybestvpn
VPN Password: freevpn
VPN Protocol: PPTP VPN


VPN Server  :
VPN Username: mybestvpn
VPN Password: freevpn
VPN Protocol: PPTP VPN

6. After that just enter the username password mention above and connect your VPN connection.

vpn username password

7. Now keep in mind that first time you try to visit any page it will show you terms and agreement form mention below.

i agree form

Just click on big Agree button and surf normally without any ads and problem. Enjoy!

youtube main page screenshot

Method 2

1. This trick is only for Google Chrome users so if you don’t have Chrome browser than please first install it from here.

2. Now you need to install ZenMate Google Chrome extension.

zenmate for google chrome extension screenshot

3. After adding the extension enter your email address and click on Get secured now button.

Method 3

1. First of all you need to download Google Chrome browser which is the fastest browser of the world with so many free apps.

2. Now download Google Chrome Extension from this official link and install it.

So that’s it now you need to find the YouTube video link which you want to see and paste it in Go0gle Chrome browser Tool bar. You will see that magic will happen and will automatically redirect the page to its official website and start downloading the file immediately on its own server.

The process behind the scene is very fast so you don’t have to wait too much. Normally 50MB files converts in just 10 seconds. After the files is converted successfully you can watch it on website or download the video with the help of Internet Download Manger.