With very limited online payment processing facilitates in third world countries specially in Pakistan and Bangladesh we have to find some other sources through which we can accept payments from other countries of the world. Paypal in Pakistan looks impossible and that’s why we have to use Payza which is a nice online payment processor. Majority of people in Pakistan and Bangladesh use Payza for payment options and they don’t even know about Payoneer. In recent times Payza has taken some strong steps and now they are only allowing payment withdraw from their own account. So today we look at how to get Payoneer account, its Fees and some tips on how to use it.

What is Payoneer

It’s a registered online payment merchant company which provide its own account via some partner websites. After getting Payoneer in Pakistan they only act as a middle man between you and your customers/buyers. For payment processing they have start partnership with Choice Bank Limited USA and its the Choice Bank Limited. When you open an account via partner websites of Payoneer they will give you a opportunity to collect funds in your local bank account so that you can send or receive payments.

How to Get Free Account

Now the most important question how we can get this account. There are lots of partner websites where you can open your account free, earn some money and than you can withdraw money.

Visit the Payoneer Affiliates website where you can signup totally free of cost.

Just fill the signup form with your real details and 100% correct home address.

Your application will be checked by the support staff and if they approve your application than you will receive an email within 2 to 4 days.

After you receive your account you just have to activate it by login into your online account, enter the 16 digit number and get the Pin code so that you can use it on any ATM machine.

Payoneer Fees

Payoneer will charge initial one time fee of 15-35 dollars depending upon your country. You don’t have to pay this amount from your pocket because they will detect money from your account when your request your first withdrawal.

  • Monthly Account Maintenance Fee: $2
  • ATM Withdrawal Fee: $1
  • ATM Balance Enquiry Fee: $2 or 2.5% (which one is greater)

How to Accept Payments via Payoneer

Just ask your customer to go to the official Payoneer.com website and click on Load Money. After that it will display a mini form, Tell him your email address. When he will enter your email address your account will automatically loads up. All he have to do is to enter the amount and check whether he or you will pay the transaction fee. After clicking the Continue button he will give the option to pay via any Visa. When he will enter his info money will be transferred into your Payoneer account within two business days.

Some Tips for Using Payoneer Account

Never check your account balance from ATM machine as you have to pay $1 of for it. You can check your balance online too.

Never withdraw all amount from your account because Payoneer will have to detect service charges from your account and if your account has no money then they will block it.

ATM in Pakistan which accepts Payoneer Account

I personally use this it on Muslim Commercial Bank ATM but you can also use it on HSBC bank ATM also. All other banks ATM are not accepting it.