Google is going to launch its own cloud storage service in this month named as Google Drive which will surly be a replacement of Dropbox. As we all know mighty Google has already providing many valuable and free services to people all over the world like Google Search Engine, Google Plus, Adsense for Publishers, Gmail, Google Analytics, Webmaster tools, Google Play(online application store) and now they are launching this cloud storage service. Although they are not the first one who are going to provide this service but the thing is that its going to help users who are already using Google services and they don’t have to use third party service like DropBox.

Some years ago GDrive was introduced by Google but at that time it was not so successful because of its very limited features but now with so many technological advancements it can be predicted that Google Drive will surly be much more advanced and full of new features. As we all know that they are always investing money in future technologies and hence one can clearly see that cloud storage is the future because of so many smart phones are used by people all over the world. All these smart-phones are internet enabled and hence connected to the cloud storage all the time.

Cloud Storage service as we all know gives as the power to store our precious and confidential data in an online storage place. The biggest advantage of this service is that we can access our photos, movies, files and any thing else easily via any computer connected to the internet 24/7 any where in the world. Also data is encrypted before storing which means that no one in this world can read or see your data with out your password.

Almost every other Google product is free of cost and it can be assumed that Google Drive will also be free(for personal use only). Another good service which is very popular and that is DropBox which has really revolutionize the way we store files. Critics are saying that Google Drive will be a DropBox killer but i personally think that for this to happen Google will surly has to introduce some magical new feature in there new cloud storage service.

DropBox is giving away free 5GB storage to all its users with upgrade option of 50GB at a cheap price of $99 per year. Also from time to time they run a referral campaign in which if you refer your friend to their service than they will increase your free storage capacity to 2GB more. So now we have to wait and see what Google is going to offer its users. In my view they have to offer at least 10GB free space to free users so that they can migrate from DropBox to Google Drive.