Every blogger on this earth specially from India and Pakistan wants to buy cheap domain with some discount and if it’s Godaddy than what else you want. Godaddy cheap domain coupon promo code for year 2016 will give you discounts of upto 93% which is really great specially if you are newbie. All you need is credit card or any bank ATM debit card and you are ready to buy domain from world’s top leader in domain provider. Some of you might be thinking that it’s difficult to have credit or debit card but let me tell you that now you can own Payoneer MasterCard for free and that too will ship at your home door step free of cost.

honey for google chrome firefox extension

Install Honey Extension for Google Chrome and Firefox

Yes now getting discount on various sites like Hostgator, Godaddy, BestBuy, Groupon etc is very easy. All you have to do is to install the Honey extension for your Google Chrome browser or Firefox browser and get discount without even knowing the coupon code. Personally I use this extension for Godaddy and result was really astonishing. I got new domain in under 1$ which is really great savings.

godaddy domain coupon promo code 2016

How to use One Coupon on Godaddy Again and Again

Many people asked me that how we can use the same coupon again and again because Godaddy only not allows you to use one coupon with one credit card. Now the trick is that you have to create two Godaddy accounts and after buying one domain just transfer that domain to second account. Delete all info about your credit card from first account and than buy another domain with same coupon code.