PayPal in Bangladesh – Finally the wait is over for Bangladeshi tigers and on October 19 2017 they will check the taste of a premium online e-currency payment solution of the world. Bangladesh was among one of the unfortunate countries in the world like Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan etc where getting verified account is not available due to some banking issues but now after some delegations from Bangladesh visited PayPal officials in USA previous month which includes the CEO of Mr. Fahim Mashroor and Senior Vice President at BASIS (Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services). The tour was a success in which they had a meeting with senior executives of the company at head office in San Jose, California USA.

It is no doubt the dream for every professional who works online in order to make money because its the only way to reach customers all around the world and send/receive payments from them. Without this payment processor you are limited to very few online earning opportunities and hence more frustration for you in this era of economic recession.

Bringing PayPal in Bangladesh is the result of chain of events held in Bangladesh in last few years including eAsia Conference 2016, a top ICT event held in Dhaka last year. Later, after a moth of eAsia Conference 2011 officials from BASIS(Bangladesh association of software and information services) gave an announcement that it has decided to start their operation in Bangladesh from July 2013.

Why PayPal is Still not in Bangladesh

The million dollar question for Bangladeshi online community when will it going to start its services.  If there are some banking issues involve than it can be solved like any other issue. There is no issue in this world which can be solved(if you are serious to solve the issue.) I personally think that its also the responsibility of people related to banking sector as well as media to highlight this issue because if it is going to start its service in Bangladesh than there will be a huge flood of jobs can be injected into our system where millions of students are jobless or earning very little.