Free US virtual phone number can be very handy if you want to verify your Gmail account, PayPal, Facebook or any other USA mobile number required website. You don’t need to buy anything special for this number neither you have to buy any credits to receive a call. Normally sites gives you option to verify account via SMS or Voice call and in our case Voice call is the best option. You will receive this call straight on your computer via VOIP so you don’t need any physical mobile handset. We are also inducing the SMS service which is working at the time of writing this post but you can try your luck.

1. First Method

We have found great website for you which is totally free and works specially for PayPal accounts. All you need to do is to visit and click on Sign Up Free button. Fill the small form with your valid details and verify your email. After verification login into your account and please make sure that Adobe Flash is installed an activated on your internet browser. Now you need to enter the USA area code which you can find from website. After entering the area code it will show you the USA phone number instantly which you can use on any site. You can also enable calls if you want but SMS also works fine here.

2. Second Method

In this method we have to create two accounts on two different websites so please read all steps carefully so that you will not get confuse.

Create account on (

1. First of all visit the website and click on “Get Started Now” button or you can directly go to that page by clicking here.

2. Create account with any US info like name, address and US phone number which you can get from FakeNameGenerator website. Use your real email address because they will send you an email for account activation.

onsip account1

3. Verify your account by visiting your email inbox and clicking on the activation link.

onsip activation email

4. Login into your newly created account by visiting this link. After login accept all TOS and Conditions pages and click acknowledged button. They may ask you for how many employees are in your company which you can select 1-4 only.

5. Now the real information here is your unique SIP address which you can found in the email.

Create account on (

1. Visit the website and click on signup now button or directly go to that page by clicking here.

2. On this website you have to provide the first website( details so that you can create this account. Just follow the instructions shown in the picture below and click Submit button.

ipkall account

3. On next page they will show you necessary information which they also send you via email. The most important thing in this email is your US Virtual Phone number which you will use for account verifications.

ipkall us virtual account number

Download OnSip Software

Now that you have two account its time to download Jitsi for OnSIP which is a Voip software so that you can make and receive phone calls on your computer.

After downloading install the software with default settings and after that it will ask you to enter the IPKall info so that it can redirect calls for you.

onsip account settings

Make sure that you have set the correct connection settings like the one mention below.

onsip account connection

Congratulations now you are ready to make and receive phone calls from any where in the world and that too free of cost.