Many people ask me how to detect fake Sony LED TV being sold on OLX so I decided to write this article. It’s unfortunate that almost 90% electronics in Pakistan are fake, copy, china manufactured or smuggled which results in billions of dollars of loss to government of Pakistan. I wonder why Pakistan Government has not taken any action against these people what so ever. But again this is not the total fault of seller or government as we buyers must have to first investigate the product before buying it. So today we will try to find the ways through which we can detect whether the product i.e Sony, Samsung, LG TV’s are original or not.

1. Say no to Color Boxes

First thing first and that is say not to LED TV with color box packaging. It’s the biggest sign of fake product because all genuine products comes in carton boxes with exact product information and serial number.


2. Genuine Box with Sticker

Second thing you should note while buying LED TV in Pakistan is carton box with Genuine sticker. If there is not sticker on the box it’s 100% fake and you should immediately leave that place.


3. Warranty Card with Hologram

Now this is the stage where most of the Pakistanis compromise and buy products without asking for warranty card. Warranty card with Hologram and serial number printed on the back of the LED TV makes sure that you are buying original product and legally too. This also means that seller has imported this TV by paying custom duty which results in improving the economy of your country.


4. Mostly Products are now Assembled in Pakistan

Gone are the days when we have to buy products assembled in Malaysia, Taiwan etc because All big brands including SONY are assembling LED TV’s in Pakistan.


5. Too Many Features

The biggest sign of fake or copy products is that they offer too many features in very less price. It’s nearly impossible for big companies to provide so many features in less price so when ever you see TV with so many extra features than it must be a china copy.

6. Don’t rely on OLX, Search official websites for Features

Many people rely on OLX to don’t bother to sear official websites for features and models which is pretty unfortunate. Why are you wasting your money buying cheap china copy models which results in losing all your money. After 1 or 2 years their screen may show some dead pixels or color variations.


7. Verify Product by Calling Service Centers

You can also verify your product after buying by calling or sending email to service centers located in your city. They will ask for serial number and product model number which they will compare with their database. It’s it’s genuine they will inform you otherwise you may have brought a fake item.

8. Buy products from Authorize Dealers only

Always buy products from Authorize dealers mention on the official website of company like SONY corporation mention below.

Find Authorize SONY Dealer in Pakistan