Free Verified PAYZA Account in Pakistan¬†will make it easy for you to understand how you can withdraw money from it. As many of your already know that PayPal doesn’t support many third world countries including Pakistan so we have to rely on it when it comes to earning money online. This payment processor¬† was introduced in 2005 and its very renowned online payment processor after Paypal. You can open you Starter account absolutely free of cost and the best thing is that you can send or receive money free up-to 2000 dollars for life. There is a also a daily limit of 400 dollars which you can send or receive. In order to withdraw money from your account you have to verify your account in order to receive money. You can verify your account by four methods mention below.

1. Payoneer Card

Not many people know in Pakistan that they can actually verify Payza account with US bank Payoneer Mastercard which is available free for everyone. I use word free and many people will think that how is this possible, well its a scheme in order to promote their bank and get more customers but at the end what matters is that we get our work done without paying a single dollar. Good thing is that you can also verify PayPal account with it which means double profit. Just order your Payoneer card now and read full guide here.

2. Credit Card

You can verify your Payza account via Credit Card very easily. All you have to do is to open Basic Banking Account in Standard Chartered Pakistan with only Rs.1000/- and apply for Visa Debit Card. After getting you Visa Debit Card enter card information in your account and wait for transaction in your Standard Chartered bank account. When your receive money you simply have to enter the amount in your account like (1.74 or 1.29 etc).

3. Wire Transfer

If you don’t have Credit Card then Wire transfer is best option for you. All you need is a local bank account with your name in Pakistan and enter all your account details in your Payza account. For this verification you need to withdraw some money. You can withdraw at-least 20 dollars from your account. When you withdraw money via Wire-Transfer your money will receive in Pakistan within 4 business days. On successful amount receive your account will automatically verified.

4. Bank check

Payza also gives you the facility to withdraw your money via Check. When you request your ID card name bank check you have to submit it in your local bank account. After 40 days long process you will receive your money in your bank account and your account will automatically be verified. Check charges are 5 dollars and your local bank charges for check is 6 dollars.

5. Payza Visa Debit Card

Recently they introduces another method and that is their won Visa Debit card which is an awesome addition to all these methods. Just order your card with $20 fee and you will get your card in 25 to 40 days. You don;t need to have verify account in order to get this card. Just you need is a ID card copy and Utility Bill scan copy.