Google shutdown it’s free signup for Google Apps last year and now you have to pay $5 per month per account in order to use this service but somehow they are giving away free signup via a hidden trick. When you will visit the main page of Google Apps you will find that you only have one option and that is paid but with a little trick mention below you can get this awesome service and create custom domain email address free of cost.

Google Apps for Free

1. First of all you need Gmail account in order to signup so if you don’t have one create by visiting the website. After that visit the Google App Engine page and click on Create Application button. After that Google will ask you to verify your Mobile Phone number.


2. After phone verification it’s time to fill in the dummy data in your application and click on create application button.


Now click on Dashboard link located on the next page.


You will see a new long settings page where you have to find the “Application Settings” link. For this you have to scroll down.


It’s time to add domain, for this scroll down tot he new page and find the “Add Domain” right below the Domain Setup tab.


At the right of your screen you will find the “Sign up for Google Apps Standard” link which is the free link. Don’t try to visit this link directly as Google will only allow free signup via Application reference.