Many people ask me questions like i want to earn money online in pakistan or i want to earn money from internet etc. Many of you might be searching for earn money forum for how to earn money online in pakistan without investment. But today I will tell you about pakistani startup which will pay you money if you put advertisements on your car and drive around the city. The concept is very simple and you need to promote the advertiser’s product like coca cola, pepsi or oye Hoye etc. So they will pay the money to TicketKataao and after deducting the commission you will get your reward which is mainly based on how much you travel a day.

earn money while drive in pakistan

How to Exactly Earn Money

First of all you need a car otherwise you might think of a taxi which is owned by your relative or friend. Now you need to provide some personal data by signing up on this page like CNIC, name, email, mobile number and address. After that your account will be created and you are ready to display ads on your car.

How Much I Can Earn

It’s totally depends on how much you travel in a day or in a month. But the potential is very high and you can earn as much as 2 Lacs(50 KM per day) per month which is really good. There are two types of advertisements full and partial. But of course in order to make two Lacs per month you need to fully transform your vehicle into ad machine. So if you are jobless and nothing came into your mind than it’s time to invest some money into Taxi business. This way not only you will earn from Taxi business but also displaying ads.