Torrents are great way to share files between users without paying any extra money or buying any hardware. Although you can share your files on cloud storage servers like Google Drive or Drop Box but here you have very limited space. In order to download torrents you need a torrent client like uTorrent or BitTorrent which are available for you free of cost. But like all other free software they will show ads and you will not get the full speed which is very annoying. Read my other article on how to download Torrents with full speed. On top of that you totally depend on seeders who are other members having the same file.

1. Boxopus

Boxopus is a free service for you which can download and save torrents on it’s own server so that you can access it privately without disclosing your location. This way you will not need any torrent client and all you need to have is the location of that file which you want to download. You can save tons of your time and will stay away from viruses or malwares.

The biggest advantage you will get with Boxopus is that now you can access your file on any device. You can also save your files on any other third party cloud hosting service like Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive and save it for future. Signing up for this service is very easy, just visit the official website and sign up with your email address. Activate your account and start saving links in your account instantly.

2. Putdrive

Putdrive is a more innovative and feature rich service but unfortunately it’s not free and you have to pay at-least $10 in order to use this service. Unlike Boxopus it will not delete your files which means you can access your files any time and from any where in the world. Also by purchasing the account from them they will give you 100GB free cloud storage of OziBox.