For the last few months or so many people are asking me this question that how we can deposit money into Payza account in Pakistan. Recently they has gone through many changes and old methods of verifying is not working any more. In order to deposit money you need to verify your account and one way to verify your account is via UBL BIZ Internet Visa Debit Card which is easily available on all UBL branches across Pakistan. Also you can Apply for Payza PrePaid Debit Card in Pakistan which is only available in $20.

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Many people ask this question that How to Deposit Money into Payza Account because from time to time they change or block some ways so you have to be updated all the time in order to use services. We all know that in order to make transaction in online bank account we have to verify it in order to stop money laundering. But from the last few months they are already struggling specially with Customer Support due to huge number of orders and some people are saying that Payza is Scam and they will not carry on their business.

If you don’t want to verify your account or if you have not proper documents in order to verify your account than you can also use third party e-currency exchangers to deposit or withdraw money from your account. Please note that only use authorized e-currency exchangers mention below otherwise you can be scammed and all your money will be gone.

How to Deposit Money into Payza Account?

They allow mainly five ways to deposit money into your account via Credit Card, Check , Money Order Bank Transfer(not for Pakistan) and Bank Wire. Since they are not accepting third party credit cards any more so the only options left are Check, money order and bank wire. when you deposit money into your account than your account is automatically verified too.

1. Deposit Money Via Check

This is the simplest and easy way to deposit money into your account. In order to start the procedure click on Deposit tab on the top of your account and fill in the amount and necessary details. After that they will ask to verify the details again just click next. Now they will display unique Reference Number and address where you have to send this check. Make sure that you add the unique Reference Number for fast clearance of check. Charges may be applied by your local bank but Payza has no charges on this transaction. This process can take time up to 30 business days.

Please note that Payza will charge $4 for check processing fee which they have to pay to bank. Checks normally arrive in one week to three week time so its a painfully sloe process but its recommended in big transactions. Also when you submit your check into your local bank account than they will send it back to the main account in order to verify it.

2. Via Money Order

Almost same procedure as check requires but the difference is that in check you need your own account in any bank while for Money order it is not necessary that you have a local bank account in Pakistan. All you have to do is to log-in into your Payza account and click on Deposit tab. Fill in the details and write down unique reference number. Go to any local bank in Pakistan and create a money order and with the given address. Send the money order to the address and wait for the money to be clear. This is also long process and can take time of more than 30 business days.

3. Via Bank Wire

Bank Wire is the fastest but the most expensive method to deposit money into your account. First of all login into your account and click on Deposit link. After that enter the amount and click the next button. Again verify your details and click the Deposit button. Now note down the unique reference number of your transaction and go to your local bank where you have your account. Now you have to send Bank Wire and details you need for this transaction are mention below.

Your money will be deposited in two to four business days and charges applied by them on this transaction are $20.00 USD. This transaction is recommended for big transactions likes more than $1000 but if you have less money than its better that three or four people collect money in one account and than order via bank wire. This way not only your money will be arrived fast but your account will also be verified due to your local bank account number.

4. Via Credit Card

This option may not be available to you because they disables this methods for some countries. If this option is available to you than sign-in into your account and click on Deposit link into your account. Now Click on option Credit Card and load money into from your card to your account. Please note that your card has to be already verified otherwise you have to verify your card first which may take four to 6 business days. After you load money into your account the transaction completes instantly and you can use your money. They will deduct $5 changes per transaction and you are only limited to load money into your account three times only in a single day.

How much time my Transaction will take

Adding funds to your e-wallet

  • Bank Transfer: Four to Six business days
  • Bank Wire: Two to Four business days
  • Certified Check / Money Order: Two business days
  • Credit / Debit Card: Instant

Withdraw funds from your e-wallet

  • Bank Transfer: Four to Six business days
  • Bank Wire: Two to Four business days
  • Check: One to three weeks
  • Prepaid Card: Two to Four business days