What is Trustedinstaller in Microsoft Windows 7 and upcoming versions. How to delete the system files protected by¬†Trustedinstaller because in normal circumstances you cannot remove these files. Trustedinstaller is a Windows administrator user account which is responsible for protecting all the system files so that you are any virus cannot access or delete them. This is good in many ways because in older versions viruses tend to change the system file permissions easily and hence hacking and slowing down your computer performance. But with the help of this administrator account it’s nearly impossible to change system files permission without your order.

Delete Trustedinstaller Files

You will find many articles on this topic with very long methods on how you have to change the folder settings, permission etc etc. But most of the time you end up doing nothing because it’s a very advanced level method. The trick I am going to share with you is very simple and effective.

First of all you have to create a new folder in the same partition or drive where your folder(which you want to delete) exists. Rename the folder to “Windows.old” and move your folder inside that folder.

windows old folder

Now click on the start button located at the windows task bar, type “Disk Cleanup” in search bar and click on Disk Cleanup.exe file. It will open the small utility with some drive options. Select the drive where your folder exists and click OK button.

windows disk clean up dialog box

It will calculate the amount of disk space you can empty and show you some other options.Here you have to click on button “Clean Up System Files”.

clean up system files in windows

It will again ask you for the drive where your folder exists and this time it will show you option delete Windows.old folder. Select that folder by ticking the option box and click OK button.

windows previous installations files