Microsoft recently ends the support for Windows XP which means that you will not get the security updates if some one find the loop hole in this operating system. Although some people are saying that Microsoft only stopped the support for home consumers only and they are still providing the updates for business organizations. So what will you do if you lost your Windows XP Disk or if you don’t have any than you will be in trouble.

Microsoft gives you an option to restore your system via floppy disk drives but the problem is that mostly computers have no floppy drive now a days and it requires 6 floppy disks to recover a system. Which means that if one of your disk is damaged than you cannot complete the process.

Windows XP Recovery Console

Good news is that Dean Adams has created a bootable CD for Windows XP which contains content from bootable floppy disk. He merges all the data into a one single batch file so that you can easily write in onto any compact disk. Just download the file from the link mention below and write in onto any CD.

Download Bootable CD

Download Windows XP Service Pack 3 (Official Microsoft Website link)