Have you ever thought that you can convert any home theater, music system into wireless speaker. It’s very much possible now a days with Bluetooth technology. Although this technology is quite old now as you may have used Bluetooth 1.0 headsets before but the problem with old technology was that it’s range was short and required more power. So in order to use Bluetooth technology with Home Theater or Music System we need some thing that is more particle. That is where Bluetooth 3.0 and coming adapters are very handy which requires very less power and has a very long covered area(normally 15 to 30 feet).

How to make any Speaker Wireless

First of all keep in mind that this method can be used with any Home theater, Music System, computer speaker or even with headphones(requires 3.5mm head jack with detachable cable). You need to buy Wireless Bluetooth Receiver Adapter with 3.5MM jack which you can buy in just Rupees 400 from ALiExpress or locally. Please make sure that the receiver uses at-least Bluetooth 3.0 technology with good range.

Wireless Car Bluetooth Receiver Adapter

So the idea is that you need to attach the receiver into the 3.5 mm jack of your speaker. Make sure that receiver is fully charged or you need to lug the power cable as well. Now it’s time to pair the devices for which you have to press down the main button of receiver until your phone finds it and pair with it. Once pairing is done you can start streaming music with in range and change sound tracks from your couch.

Difference between Bluetooth Receiver and Transmitter

Now here you have to keep in mind that Bluetooth Receiver and Transmitter are two different things. Bluetooth Receiver is used to receive music from your device which is transmitting music like smartphone, tablet, computer etc. Where as Bluetooth Transmitter is used when you want the music to be streamed from your TV to your device like wireless headphone.