In south Asian countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh summer season tend to get from six to eight months with temperature reaching maximum 50C. Heat is not the only problem but electricity load-shedding and it’s high price is the biggest concern for every citizen. Also the worst part is that houses made in these areas are not properly insulated which means if you some how manage to cool down the room it will start warming up if light goes off. That’s why Lahori cooler(a table fan with some water cooling system) is hit in these areas with low power consumption and high efficiency. The only down side is it’s noise and also you cannot operate it in rainy season.

The Solution to this problem is Portable AC

Portable AC like Close Comfort needs no wires and installation which means you can take it any where in your house. It works just like an ordinary AC but with limited capacity and no outdoor unit. Please keep in mind that these Air conditioners are designed to provide cooling for small space like tent in the case of Close Comfort. It will not throw cool air in whole room and typically it’s range is between 2 to 3 feet.

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Close Comfort Air Conditioner Price in Pakistan

It’s price in Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Islamabad is Rs. 29,000/- only but if you are lucky enough than you can grab it in Rs. 25,000/- via summer sale offer. In this price you will also get free Tent which will also prevent you from mosquito’s.

close comfort inside tent

CC AC Specifications

Close comfort air conditioner specifications are as follows. Please also keep in mind that cooling starts after three minutes you switch on the device.

  • Cooling Capacity: 700 Watts
  • Made with Glossy durable Plastic
  • BTU’s Cooling Capacity: 2500-3500 BTUs per hour
  • Dimensions : 24 inches(2 feet) tall x 14 inches wide x 14 inches thick
  • Weight: 17.4 KGs
  • Temperature Control Feature: NO
  • Maximum operating Temperate: 44°C
  • Does not require: water, gas, batteries

Power Consumption

Now let’s talk about close comfort power consumption and according to it’s manufactures it’s 320 watts which is 10-20% of the energy used by a conventional air conditioner. The basic idea is that it will only cool person sitting next to it not like conventional AC which also cools down walls, ceiling, floor, windows and doors.


Where to Buy in Pakistan

Does it Work on UPS

Yes you can use it with UPS too but only with Pure Sine Wave inverter which of course are very expensive. Works well with petrol or gas generators and solar energy.

Review in Urdu

close comfort portable ac urduclose comfort portable ac urduclose comfort portable ac urdu