People ask me what is the cheapest way to get windows 10 or even previous versions of this operating system. We all know that original windows cost more than $100 per license and that is why people in third world countries prefer pirated windows over genuine one. So if some how they can buy it in less than $20 than it will be a huge deal for them. This way every body can secure his or her computer by enabling Windows update and installing latest patches from Microsoft official website. But before we move on to the method of how to get one for yourself first describe the difference between oem vs retail key.

What is an OEM operating system?

Microsoft OEM operating system does not allow you to install this version on more than one computers so if you have install it on one machine you cannot install it on your another system. This is where retail version is very handy if you have multiple computers at home but of course it will also cost you more.

windows 7 home premium oem key

How to Get Windows 7, 8 or 10 in $20

The website I am showing you below allows you to buy genuine windows in just $20 for windows 7 home premium version and so on. So if you want Windows 7 than buy it directly from the website mention below and install it on your system. Now if you want Windows 8 or even Windows 10(which will cost you $40) just buy the Windows 7 version key and upgrade it for free to latest version.
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Visit Website Now

After opening the website just type windows on the search bar and it will display you all the products available.