If you want to charge Laptop on UPS without damaging battery than today we will find how we can do this safely. Some of you might have charged mobile phone or tablet on UPS before so why not laptop. Charging laptop on inverter is not a good practice specially low cast inverters with modified or square sine wave. Smartphone and tablets require very less power(5 Volts) and normally you use 12 Volts battery in our homes. But when it comes to laptop it requires at least 19 Watts of constant power. So if your UPS cannot handle this much power at constant rate than it will damage the battery in long run(or may burn it instantly).

If you have pure shine wave inverter from good manufactured like Homage or Stabimatic than you are good to go but if you have some thing else than it might damage your laptop battery in long run. Also you need to make sure that power in your house is stable so if it’s fluctuates every now and then please don’t charge your laptop.

homage inverter

Charging Laptop on UPS Guide

1. First of all as I said earlier make sure that power in your home is stable(you can use any good company stabilizer) and you have good quality UPS with pure sine wave. So this is the ideal situation where you have both things working properly than you can use your laptop without any fear.

2. But if you don’t have stable power at home or a very cheap UPS with 12 Volts battery (Read my other article: how to repair your dead¬†Battery) than you need to purchase a small item which will solve all your problems.


DC to AC Power inverter is what you need which converts DC voltage into AC so that you can run any house hold item on it. Battery provides us current in DC format where as the power comes from national grid is in AC. So we need this converter which is basically for cars. In just Rupees 1500 you can create a solution which can charge all your smartphones, tablets or laptops etc.

power inverter for cars

All you need to do is to buy at-least 200 Watt Dc to AC power inverter from this link or from local market and connect it with your normal 12 Volt battery. Keep in mind that this inverter is basically for cars so you need to disconnect the car adapter and connect the positive and negative ends with your UPS battery. Now your normal UPS will charge the battery and when the power goes off you can use the Power inverter to charge all your devices.

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