Buy Google Adsense account in Pakistan and change your life by earning thousands of dollars monthly. Google Adsense has changed many lives in Pakistan. The best part I like about it is that you can join this program absolutely free and you don’t need to be a programmer or tech junkie in order to earn money. You can always start with a free blog at and apply for Ad-sense, once your application will approve from Google you can then put ads onto your blog and then make money.

So we learn that we can create a free blog and then apply for Google Adsense and earn money. But from this way you are not going to earn decent money perhaps 100 dollars in six months. So if you are serious about making money online in Pakistan than you should buy a new Top Level Domain like .com .net. Please remember that Google likes fast loading website so keep in mind while buying your domain that your web host provider has decent servers with up to date equipment and facilities. Also you should go for unlimited bandwidth and storage because in early days it may not seem to be a problem but when your website will popular and have heavy traffic than your website may fulfill its bandwidth within 15 or 20 days and after that your website will not be displayed by the web host provider. Also there are many scam web host providers on internet so be careful. I personally recommend Hosting very very affordable rates and Hostgator hosting.

After choosing and buying a right web hosting package, its time to move on. Now if you are not a programmer or web designer than you should start with blog because blogs are easy to setup and you don’t need any programming skills. Blogs comes with many themes so you don’t have to worry about website designing. In blogs there are also to platforms, Blogger and WordPress. Now a day WordPress is more popular and comes with various handy plug-ins. So you need to install WordPress software into your website in order to start blogging. Installing WordPress is like a piece of cake. You can download it from and then unzip all the files. After that upload all the files onto your web server via Ftp program like FileZilla and connect it with your website database. You can ask about database information from your web host provider.

After installing the WordPress software its time to start blogging. Please remember that before start blogging in urdu or any other language install some necessary plug-ins like All-in-one-SEO, Askimet, Auto Google Sitemap Submitter, W3 Total Cache etc. You can find a huge list of plug-ins from WordPress official website. Now this is the time to choose topic in which you are going to blog. There is no limit on internet that what topic to choose from. You can blog any thing you like most and most importantly you know about. Any thing which is not interesting to you will bore you soon and you will lose your mind.

Now that you have start blogging you still have to wait for at least six months for your site to be indexed by search engines as well as can put some decent, unique and quality stuff into your blog otherwise just buy adsense account. After six months when you have at-least 30 or more articles, then apply for Adsense in Pakistan at You will need a Gmail account in order to signup or create a new one too. Google will ask you some personal questions as well as payment method and house address in order to verify you. Put all the information honestly and wait for reply from Google. Within 7 working days Google will reply you in Pakistan and if you are selected than you will be able to signup via your Gmail username and password. Remember if you want to change the password of Adsense account you have to change the password of your Gmail ID account. It’s the same for all Google accounts.

After you have access to your Adsense account in Pakistan simply logon to your account and create new Adsense units so that you can put there code onto your website. Once you have the code simply put them onto your blog via any Adsense plug-in like Wp-Insert etc. After 10 minutes your ads will go to show by Google and you will start earning instantly.