Broadcasting videos on your home network can be a fun and it will also be a good option for learning. Suppose you have to computer or laptop with so many videos and you want to watch them on each and every computer in your home or office network than you don’t need to copy and paste all the videos. Just open your web browser and type the URL of that computer with all the videos. You can even customize the page an make it look like YouTube or any other video sharing website.

What you need

  • InnerTube Software
  • DivX Videos Software

First of all you need to download and install the DivX Video playing software so that you can watch broadcasting videos in your browser. The software is free of cost and you can download DivX Videos Software form here.

Now you need to have InnerTube MicroApache Server so that it can broadcast the video on your network. Simply download the InnerTube MicroApache Server from this link and unzip the folder at your desktop or any where on your hard drive.

Now copy all the media and videos files in Movies or TV shows folder located inside InnerTube folder.

utube folder settings

After that open the InnerTube server folder and run the “mapache.exe” file in order to run the server.

apache server

Now open any web browser and visit the website and copy your ip address. Now paste this ip address in your web browser and add :8080 at the end of it. Hit enter button and see the magic.

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