In year 2017 you will find mostly inverter based air conditioners in pakistan. Many people ask me that tell us about best DC Inverter AC in Pakistan with price & power consumption. Gone are the days when we used to have only big brands AC like Mitsubishi, LG, Samsung etc. Now we have tons of local and Chinese companies providing cooling solutions so it’s really hard for common people to pick the right DC Inverter AC which suits their needs. The best thing about these products is that they can start and run on low voltage like up to 150 which is really great for country like Pakistan. Also you will save lots of electricity due tot he nature of DC technology.

Best DC Inverter AC in Pakistan

Below you will find the some of the best and most economical Ac’s in Pakistan available right now in the markets. Although they will cost you more from traditional Ac but you don’t need to buy stabilizer for this product which means it will cost you in the same price.

1. DC Inverter AC Acson

dc inverter ac acson

2. DC Inverter AC Daikin


3. DC Inverter AC Samsung

dc inverter ac samsung

4. DC Inverter AC LG


5. DC Inverter AC Mitsubishi

dc inverter ac mitsubishi

6. DC Inverter AC Gree

dc inverter ac gree

7. DC Inverter AC Kenwood

dc inverter ac kenwood

8. DC Inverter AC Haier

dc inverter ac haier

9. DC Inverter AC Dawlance

dc inverter ac dawlance

10. DC Inverter AC Orient

dc inverter ac orient

11. DC Inverter AC PEL

dc inverter ac pel

12. DC Inverter AC Changhong Ruba

dc inverter ac Changhong Ruba

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